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Pastel Portraits


Abstract Art


Pastel portraits are custom ordered. Please contact me and so we can work together to create a beautiful portrait .

Abstract Artwork

Abstract acrylic, pastel and collage


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acrylic abstract.heic

Local Shows

We will  be around the local shows in southern NH. Can't wait to meet you all!

pastel portrait child_edited.jpg

Custom Portraits

Custom portraits are my main focus. I create portraits with soft pastel and Canson Mi-Tientes paper.

multimedia abstract_edited.jpg


Available artwork in collage, abstract and portrait.

acrylic abstract desk2.JPG


My name is Susan Simone

Art for me is about seeking to understand the rules that guide and then breaking them. Yes, I'm a Gemini, hence my love of both abstract art and portraits. Both provide a way to explore color, line, and form, structure and chaos.

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